Donation of the National Cancer Center

In 2021 we sponsored the publishing of a treatment guideline picture book for children who are diagnosed with cancer at the National Cancer Center of Mongolia. 
We donate to The National Cancer Center of Mongolia each year, in hope of improving the treatment environment and to share fortitude among the youngsters going through the hard times of cancer.



In 2020, day care chairs were handed over to the National Cancer Center to help create a comfortable treatment environment for children.

Donation of Kindergarden #22 in Khanbogd soum

Our company donated musical instruments to Kindergarden #22 in Khanbogd soum, Umnugovi aimag to support musical education for children.

National Tree Planting Day

In 2021 We participate in the Tree Planting Event organized by “Tenger Daatgal” Insurance Company

We deeply realize our social responsibility and so actively participate in the Tree Planting Event organized by Oyu Tolgoi each year.


Our company successfully organized basketball championship 2019 of Khanbogd soum
Our employees joined the campaign to contribute their respective share to the donation of COVID-19
Our company has provided necessity vitamin needs to all our employees in order to support their immune system and prevent them from contagious diseases